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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Quick Look at Global Sub-indices (& An Aside on China)

A while back I created an excel file that tracks the conditions of global sub-indices. Essentially, I took over 600 sub-indices from around the world and I broke them out by best and worst performing over the past 6 months, P/E and P/B ratios, and dividend yield. I extracted the 15 best and worst performing indices from each of these categories and consolidated them in the chart below . I am eventually planning on using this data to look at global trade ideas or to spot mis-pricings between markets. All in all I extracted this data form Bberg last week and I hope you enjoy the data. I will follow up with a more detailed analysis on markets that may look attractive after I conduct further research.

As an aside, given the recent economic data out of China (inflation, IP, exports, etc...), I anticipate the government is closer to moving towards a more accomodative monetary policy. The shift will likely include reductions in reserve requirements and an easing of lending standards. It is also possible, but unlikely at this point in time, that we could see a rate cut before the end of 2008. Any action by the government to stimulate the domestic economy should have positive effects on Chinese markets. I currently hold an upward bias towards some of China's housing, health care, and financial names. (Please see earlier posts for more details).

Top and Bottom 15 Global EQ Sub-Indices by 6M performance, PE, PB and dividend yield

*Source: Bloomberg

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